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Mini Portable 3 Riffle Rubber Sluice Box Gold Prospecting Equipment, 12 Inch

Mini Portable 3 Riffle Rubber Sluice Box Gold Prospecting Equipment, 12 Inch

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  • MAXIMUM PAYDIRT RECOVERY - Always reliable and able to maximize your gold recovery efforts, this pocket sluice box is best used to find the fine gold in your tailings, concentrate or raw paydirt

  • POCKET SLUICE BOX - Measures just 12" in length, 3" wide and 5.5"  at the flare mouth; Easily fits in pocket, backpack or travel bag to accommodate any use

  • EASY TO USE - Sluice box has 3 repeating gold riffle trap patterns: Hungarian, "V" Shaped and Square; Proven to efficiently trap gold and precious minerals while sifting away unwanted material

  • DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Made from high contrast TPR rubber known for being flexible and UV resistant; easy to use in inclement weather; will not crack or break

  • GOLD PROSPECTING EQUIPMENT - Pocket sluice boxes are great for kids and beginners; valuable addition to seasoned gold prospectors and experts; scout new locations before hauling larger equipment

Whether you're an avid gold prospector or just dipping your toes into this fun outdoor hobby, gold panning with a pocket sluice box will help ensure you have the best prospecting experience. Our unique pocket size mini sluice box measures just 12" in length, has a 3" wide body and a 5.5" wide mouth, so you can quite literally fit this into a large pocket if needed, or use the carabiner hole to hang from your rucksack.

Made from high quality TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) rubber this sluice box will continuously provide high yielding results of fine gold from your pay dirt. Known for being lightweight, flexible and UV resistant, this high-contrast green rubber material is ideal for a pocket sluice because it is easy to clean up and clear out once your gold pay dirt is washed through and it can travel easily without sacrificing space.

The ASR Outdoor gold panning pocket sluice box features three traditional riffle patterns proven to trap gold flake and nuggets: Hungarian, "V" shape and Square riffle gold traps that are built-in to create water turbulence in the sediment channel. They will trap the gold in your pay dirt and separate the small gold flour in a very effective way that helps to increase your gold prospecting recovery efforts. Coarse pieces will be caught easily in the Hungarian riffle traps while other smaller gold pieces may float over and get caught in the V shape before it has a chance to run out of your sluice box. Using a hybrid sluice design like this one gives you the best chance to maximize your gold recovery for various types of different gold.

The ASR Outdoor pocket sluice box for gold panning is a great addition to any seasoned prospector's collection of gold mining equipment as well as a great first-time sluice box option for beginners in their gold panning kits as this small unit takes the guess work out of panning and puts results in your hand. This compact and versatile pocket sluice box takes on the design extensively used during the California gold rush, sluice boxes were developed to have different riffle patterns that work together to sift out raw material while trapping gold flake and small gold flour in. Using a sluice box to pan for gold will allow you to easily identify valuable minerals while disposing of unwanted materials like silt, rock, and sand.

Scout and explore new locations before hauling all of your larger gold prospecting equipment out to the field. Use this pocket sluice box to run test concentrate and pay dirt from your site. The ASR Outdoor Pocket Sluice box is a must-have gold panning tool for any gold rush prospector!



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