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ASR Outdoor 10L Collapsible Bucket and Stand Gold Prospecting Equipment, 6pc

ASR Outdoor 10L Collapsible Bucket and Stand Gold Prospecting Equipment, 6pc

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Whether you're new to gold panning or are an experienced gold prospector, you know how important it is to be able to successfully and efficiently classify your raw material down to usable paydirt, either for panning or to run through a sluice box to find gold nuggets, gems or other. The ASR Outdoor collapsible bucket and collapsible stand does just this in conjunction with the ASR Outdoor sifting pans in just a few easy steps.

The ASR Outdoor collapsible bucket has been designed to work seamlessly with ASR Outdoor sifting pans; together they make a an efficient classification system that is easy to set up and take down, lightweight and reliable. The collapsible bucket is a lightweight alternative to a traditional 5 gallon bucket, which can be heavy and cumbersome to use, as well as carry to and from your gold claim site.

To use the bucket and stand combo, you simply slide the four arms into the base and rotate until they lock in place. Then place the collapsible bucket over the tops of the arms and secure. Next, add your classifier screen and you're ready to start classifying your raw material.

The collapsible bucket is made from BPA free silicone, features a sturdy carrying handle, bottom finger indentation and water pouring channel; the bucket can also be employed for tons of other uses outside of gold panning kits like fishing, gardening, as an ice bucket, for camping and much more

Lastly, a handy mesh bag is included to make carrying the collapsible bucket and stand components easier, while allowing for tidy and organized storage when you're not utilizing your gold prospecting equipment to ensure none of the pieces are lost.

The collapsible bucket with stand is space saving, compact and lightweight in design, and overall an incredibly useful tool to include with your gold prospecting equipment.
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