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3pc Heavy Duty Cold Steel Chisel Set Rock Hounding Equipment

3pc Heavy Duty Cold Steel Chisel Set Rock Hounding Equipment

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Take to the field with confidence, knowing you have a reliable cold steel chisel set in your arsenal of tools from ASR Outdoor. Whether as geology tools, rock hounding equipment, for paleontology or archeology excursions and digs, this three piece cold chisel set will get the job done quickly and efficiently! 

The chisel set includes three different chisel lengths, 9.5, 10 and 12 inches respectively, and is made up of two standard flat heads chisels and one cross cut head chisel. Made from chrome molybdenum steel with a hardness rating of HRC 55-58, this ASR Outdoor chisel set has incredible tensile strength, impact resistance and toughness, standing up to intense wear and tear in the field. The chisel sets remarkable density, rust resistance properties and comfortable handling make them ideal hand tools for recurrent and reliable use on site.    

While this cold steel chisel set has been designed for geology kits, rock hounding equipment and related field work, they are nevertheless suitable across other applications, such as metal forming and cutting, removing waste, cutting rivets, rods or rusted bolts, brickwork and more.

Set Weight: 2.14lbs

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