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16pc Traditional Sluice Box Finishing Gold Panning Kit with Classifier Screens, Green

16pc Traditional Sluice Box Finishing Gold Panning Kit with Classifier Screens, Green

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The ASR Outdoor Sluice Box Gold Prospecting Kit comes with everything you'll need to pan for gold anywhere, anytime!

The backbone of this kit is made up of a lightweight plastic sluice box with a versatile shoulder strap which allows you to easily take it to the beach, mountains or a river valley. With a shoulder strap that can be configured three different ways, seven pound box allows for maximum comfort and ease of transportation. The ASR Outdoor Gold Panning Gravity Trap 32-inch Portable Riffle Gold Sluice Box is a gravity fed high recovery gold prospecting and mineral collection tool. Extremely portable and weighing only 7lbs, made from high-impact durable plastic, it will never rust and can be used even in the harshest of climates without worry.

Molded into the channel of the ASR Outdoor Gold Panning Sluice Box is a set of riffle traps featuring four tested and true riffle designs to maximize the amount of gold that is separated from your pay dirt, they are; Hungarian, V-shape, Micro, and Square. These traditional and proven riffle patterns will help increase the amount of gold prospecting material you collect while separating your sediment and maximizing your efficiency.

The Gravity Trap Gold Sluice Box is 32 inches in length with a 10 inch wide channel and has 3 inch high channel walls to keep all your valuable, high yielding pay dirt confined and flowing over the riffle collection. The mouth of the Gold Prospecting Sluice Box features a 16 inch flared opening designed to increase the volume of water entering the prospecting channel thus increasing the flow rate through the Sluice Box. The Sluice Box is manufactured from green ABS High-Impact plastic allowing for maximum clarity and easy spotting or identifying of gold flakes, nuggets, gems, or your choice mineral.

The 32-inch Gravity Gold Rush Sluice Box by ASR Outdoor is the ideal set-up for beginner gold panning and experienced Miner Forty-Niners alike, as there is always a need for the proper tool for the job and this Gold Panning Sluice Box will find a good home with you in the wilderness when put to good use. To increase your gold collection efforts, use the ASR Outdoor Material Classifier Screens to sort your sediment before utilizing the Gravity Trap Riffled Sluice Box for gold prospecting.

To complement the sluice box, we've also included 2 classifier sifting screens that are designed to fit on top of standard 5 gallon buckets so you can sift out minerals with ease. You'll also find an magnetic separator pick up tool and a coin probe to help you locate and pick up metal objects as you find them.

In addition to the sluice box, we've included two 14" pans and one 10" diameter pan. The green color makes it easy to spot minerals among silt and dirt. We've also added in two pipette droppers, one 1 watt flashlights and three 2 dram glass vials for collecting your gems and minerals. We also included in a heavy duty scoop and a set of magnifying tweezers to help you identify and evaluate your findings. This is a great prospecting kit for beginners, intermediate and expert prospectors alike!



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