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10L Collapsible Silicone Bucket Gold Prospecting Equipment

10L Collapsible Silicone Bucket Gold Prospecting Equipment

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An ASR Outdoor gold panning essential item, this collapsible silicone bucket is meant to pair seamlessly with the ASR Outdoor green classifier screens or sieves, in order to help you efficiently and effectively sift out unwanted raw materials form your working mineral deposit. And, not only is this gold panning bucket great for sorting your materials in the field, its sturdy plastic handle makes it a handy item to have for carrying equipment, moving water and much more when you’re on site.

Easy to use, transport and store, the collapsible silicone bucket features a purposefully compact and thoughtful design:

COLLAPSIBLE: The bucket folds down to just two inches when completely collapsed, great for saving space when it’s not in use! And, it easily fits into a backpack, closet, car, tote bag, beach bag and more too. Notably, the silicone and plastic grey and white collapsible bucket will maintain its shape and structural material integrity after repeated folding and reopening

FUNCTIONAL: A sturdy plastic bottom rim, top rim and carrier handle make this silicone collapsible bucket easy to maneuver; the bucket features a handle groove for grip, as well as a groove on the bucket mouth so you can control the directional flow of water. The bucket also has a handy hook you can employ to hang when not in use
BPA FREE: This rubber, multipurpose tool bucket is BPA (Bisphenol-A) free, meaning there are no harmful chemicals in the silicone material. The bucket is safe to use for drinking water and with little ones and pets; non-toxic and odorless

Total Capacity: 10 Liters / 2.65 Gallons



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