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ASR Outdoor

Green Gold Rush Lightweight Hand Scoop Trowel Gold Prospecting Equipment

Green Gold Rush Lightweight Hand Scoop Trowel Gold Prospecting Equipment

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  • GOLD PANNING SCOOP: With a capacity up to two (2) cups, this ASR Outdoor green gold panning scoop shovel trowel is an essential tool in your arsenal of gold prospecting equipment; the shovel incorporates a built-in interior depth gauge etched on the scoop for precise measurements, a ridged handle for comfortable handling, as well as hole at the top of the handle for easy storage, a lanyard or hanging loop

  • HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC: Constructed from reinforced, heavy duty, single-piece construction plastic, the shovel is durable and will not rust or corrode, seeing you through many gold panning, gold mining and gold prospecting seasons to come; the non-metallic scoop also makes it easier to find metal when scanning your metal detector over it

  • DEEP GREEN COLOR: The deep but vibrant green color provides an excellent backdrop for your gold, precious metal, gem stone and other mineral recovery efforts, allowing even small gold flakes to stand out from your deposit

  • SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 12 inches x 12.2 inches; Weight: 0.12lbs; Color: Green; Material: Plastic

  • ASR Outdoor Orange Heavy Duty Plastic Gold Panning Sand Scoop Shovel is a must-have gold panning essential to include in your arsenal of gold prospecting equipment, alongside a metal detector, sluice box, gold pans, sieves and more, to help increase your gold recovery efforts! Whether you’re a seasoned gold prospector or just poking around in your local riverbed for the first time with friends or family, this plastic gold panning sand scoop shovel will help you to increase your gold recovery efforts, especially when used in conjunction with a metal detector.
  • The ASR Outdoor plastic gold rush gold panning gold prospecting sand scoop or shovel is made from reinforced, heavy duty, single-piece construction plastic; the shovel is non-metallic, rust-free and corrosion-free, allowing you to use and reuse the gold recovery tool for many gold panning seasons to come! In addition to the sand scoop’s formidable construction, the shovel also boasts a bright and vibrant green color. The vivid color choice is purposeful, as it will greatly aid in your gold recovery efforts to help sort and spot and gold among other particles in your mineral deposit.

    The sand scoop of shovel also includes a lanyard hole at the top of the handle, giving you many convenient carrying options.

    If treasure hunting or gold panning is a favorite past-time, or it’s a new hobby that you’re just getting in to, be sure to add one of the ASR Outdoor Green Heavy-Duty Plastic Gold Rush Gold Panning Hand Scoop Trowel with lanyard hole to your gold prospecting equipment to increase your recovery efforts, sort your deposits and of course, dig!



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