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5lbs Magnetic Black Sand Steel Pocket Separator Pen Pick Up Tool

5lbs Magnetic Black Sand Steel Pocket Separator Pen Pick Up Tool

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  • GOLD PROSPECTING ESSENTIAL: 5lb magnetic separator pen separates black sand and other heavy magnetic materials from pay dirt concentrate, making it easier to see and extract gold flakes or gold nuggets

  • 5LB LIFTING POWER: 5/8 inch diameter magnet shielded inside of pen tool picks up 5lbs of magnetic materials

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of quality stainless steel with water resistant that allows for gold panning in wet weather

  • COMPACT SIZE: Pen-shaped pick up tool measures just 5.5 inches in length and features a metal pocket clip for easy storage when not in use

  • QUICK RELEASE BUTTON: Plunger-type quick release button is easy to use; simply pull magnet away from gold concentrate paydirt in gold pan and release to remove magnetic particles out of your deposit

Are you an avid gold prospector, or just beginning to dabble in this fun outdoor activity? Then you absolutely need the ASR Outdoor Black Sand Pocket Separator Pen!

This unique magnetic separator pen has a lifting power of 5 pounds, which will allow you to pull black sand and other magnetic materials away from the gold concentrate so you extract and separate fine gold from other materials. As you locate gold and gold concentrate while panning, you'll find that separating these materials away will make your job easier so you can focus on locating your bounty!

The pen features a plunger-type quick release for ease of use, and the magnet is shielded inside of the pen to keep it from interfering with materials. Just pull the gold magnet away from the gold concentrate in your sifting pan, press the release button and the magnetic particles will be removed. The pen is also water-resistant so you can use it in riverbeds and is constructed of durable, high-quality stainless steel that will last for years to come. The magnet has a diameter of about 5/8" making it an ideal size for attracting small particles, and it comes with a metal pocket clip so you can just slip it inside of your pocket when not in use.



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