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7pc Kids Starter Gold Panning Kit Beginner Prospecting Equipment with Paydirt (3 Colors)

7pc Kids Starter Gold Panning Kit Beginner Prospecting Equipment with Paydirt (3 Colors)

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  • 7PC KIDS GOLD PANNING KIT: ASR Outdoor beginner’s gold prospecting kit comes with everything kids or beginners need to practice gold panning; plastic scoop, 6 inch classifier, collection vial, snifter bottle, 10X magnifier, 8 inch dual riffle gold pan and 3oz bag of paydirt
  • BOBBY BO GOLD PAY DIRT: The unique component of this gold panning kit is the paydirt! Engineered by professional Pacific Northwest prospector Bobby Bo, this paydirt is sourced from his gold rich claim site in Washington State; each bag will bare approximately 20 to 30 mesh gold flakes
  • ESSENTIAL GOLD PROSPECTING EQUIPMENT: x1 6 inch mini classifier screen to sift away gravel and other unwanted materials with 40 holes per square inch for fine material; 8 inch dual riffle high contrast color gold pan; the small classifier and gold pan are the perfect sizes for little hands
  • SNUFFER BOTTLE AND ACCESSORIES: x1 3oz snifter bottle to suck up and clean gold flakes, x1 glass vial to store found gold, x1 durable plastic scoop and x1 10X magnification glass loupe for material examination
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Materials: plastic, metal, glass, paydirt; Colors: green, black; Scoop length: 11”; Magnification loupe power: 10X; Glass vial capacity: 2 dram (.125oz), air tight plastic lid; Mini classifier screen size: 40 holes/inch (fine); Snifter bottle capacity: 3oz; Paydirt bag size: 3oz (.225lbs)

This ASR Outdoor 7pc gold panning kit is a great option for kids (and beginners) who are just getting started in the world of gold prospecting. With this kit, we’ve included 7 essential gold panning tools to learn and experiment with the basics of gold panning, however the unique component of this beginner gold panning kit is the paydirt, engineered by local professional Pacific Northwest prospector Bobby Bo; sourced from his gold rich claim site in Washington State, you'll be able to practice basic gold panning techniques without venturing far from home!

The essential gold prospecting equipment items included in this gold panning kit are the gold pan and mini classifier. For classifying, we’ve included a 6 inch mini classifier screen that will help to sift out larger unwanted materials from your black and blonde sands. The sifter features 40 holes per square inch, making it a great tool for sifting fine materials. For sifting out gold nuggets or gold flakes from your deposit, we’ve included an 8 inch dual riffle, high contrast gold pan that will allow you to pan off smaller gravels and sands and reach gold at the bottom.

As far as gold panning accessories are concerned, we’ve also included a 3oz snifter bottle that can be used to grab small gold nuggets. Once gold is captured, use the glass collection vial to safely store them. In addition to the snifter bottle and collection vial, we also included a 10X magnification power loupe for examining any findings.

And, as mentioned above, in collaboration with Bobby Bo, ASR Outdoor is proud to include our Pacific Northwest 3oz bag of gold paydirt concentrate and specifically designed for practicing gold panning techniques! Each bag will bare gold flakes and flower gold in the 20-30 mesh size range.

A great way to get outside and learn a new hobby while spending time with friends and family, pack this kids gold panning kit with paydirt on your next camping trip, or plan an outdoor excursion around gold prospecting at a nearby river or lake; either way, kids will love it!



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