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Stackable 5 Gallon Classifier Screens Sifting Sieves Gold Prospecting Equipment (Many Sizes)

Stackable 5 Gallon Classifier Screens Sifting Sieves Gold Prospecting Equipment (Many Sizes)

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  • 5 GALLON CLASSIFIER SCREEN: Soil sifting mesh classifiers will fit on top of 5 gallon bucket and our 14 inch gold pan; Interlocking, stackable design; Top Diameter: 13.25 inches, Bottom Diameter: 11 inches

  • RUGGED DESIGN: Constructed from high impact durable plastic with 304 stainless steel wire mesh

  • CLASSIFIER SIFTING SCREEN MESH SIZES: 1/100", 1/70", 1/50", 1/30", 1/20", 1/12", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"

  • GOLD PROSPECTING EQUIPMENT: Classifying your raw material down is imperative for successful gold recovery; removing large and worthless rocks from paydirt

  • FIELD TESTED: Easily screen off gravel and rock from your findings to locate gold and other treasures hidden within your raw material

The Classifier Soil Sifting Screens will aid your increase the amount of material you can run by separating unwanted coarse raw material into finer, manageable good material ready to wash in your gold pan or run through a sluice box.

Available in 9 different sizes for both fine and coarse material sifting, ensuring you'll be able to properly sift all size material.

Each soil classifying screen will fit over a standard 5 gallon bucket as well as a 14" gold pan and they are stackable, interlocking on top of each other to ensure that they will not slip or slide when used in conjunction with one another.

Proper classification of material by size is the key to more efficient gold separation. This is true for roughing out your material, all the way to the final step of fine gold separation. Using a gold sifter screen is essential for gold panning, sluicing or running a high banking equally well.
Separating and processing your gold concentrates by size with a classifier makes gold recovery much more efficient and less labor intensive, is faster and a more effective, resulting in more gold!



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