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21pc Testing and Finishing Gold Panning Kit with Tool Box

21pc Testing and Finishing Gold Panning Kit with Tool Box

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This ASR Outdoor 21pc Ultimate Gold Prospecting Kit includes all of the basic essentials  you'll need to prospect.

  • Snifter Bottles
  • Glass Vials
  • Tool Box
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Mini Crucible
  • Natural Testing Stone
  • Magnifying Tweezers
  • Small Trowel
  • Dual Riffle Gold Pan

Inside the durable tool box you'll find two plastic  snifter bottles, which are perfect for extracting gold from your gold  pan. Simple to use, just squeeze the bottle and use the suction to grab  nuggets and release them into the glass vials that we've also included!  There are 6 short vials and 6 tall vials, so you'll be able to organize  and store your gold effectively.

In addition, you'll also find a trowel for digging as well as a testing stone for testing the minerals  you collect. The microfiber cleaning cloth will assist during clean up,  and will work on any surface without the use of chemicals! This cloth is  non-abrasive and environmentally friendly as you'll be able to reuse it  for years!

In order to inspect your gold and other precious  gems/minerals, we've also thrown in the ASR Outdoor illuminated  tweezers. The tweezers feature an optical quality glass lens with 4x  magnification, so you'll be able to determine fine detail without  distortion. Made of stainless steel, the blades have precision needle  points ideal for manipulating tiny objects.

BONUS: This kit wouldn't be complete without a gold pan! As well as the gold prospecting  kit, we've added in a bonus prospecting pan, ideal for testing deposits  of heavy minerals like gold. It features riffled traps to catch your  gold as lighter material flows out of the pan. A wide textured bottom  efficiently separates remaining black sands, and the deep color of the  pan will highlight even the finest of gold deposits.



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