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10 Inch Traditional Single Riffle Standard Gold Pan (3 Colors)

10 Inch Traditional Single Riffle Standard Gold Pan (3 Colors)

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    • SINGLE RIFFLE GOLD PAN: Standard riffled wall, traditional gold panning design
    • HIGH QUALITY FABRICATION: Molded from one piece of ABS plastic, this gold pan is lightweight, rust and UV resistant and buoyant in water

    • HIGH CONTRAST COLOR: Saturated green, black and purple colorways allow for high visibility of gold flakes, gold nuggets or other valuable materials when gold panning
    • SPECIFICATIONS: 10 Inch Diameter; 2 Inch Depth: 3oz Weight

    • Traditional style gold pan is used for gold panning and testing of deposits of heavy minerals.

      These gold pans, available in black, purple or green colorways, feature a single riffled wall to trap gold, as lighter material and water flow out of the pan. In addition, a wide textured bottom is ideal for efficient separation of heavy materials like black sand from gold flakes or gold nuggets, while the solid saturated pan colors help to highlight even fine gold in the bottom of the pan.
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